A custom firmware for Asus routers


Asuswrt-Merlin being a mod based on the original Asuswrt firmware from Asus, it retains the same web interface users are already familiar with:

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The changes are fully integrated in the original web interface.  Here's the DHCP static reservation page, with the new Name field:



There is a new Tools menu on the left where a few additional pages were added, such as the Sysinfo page


While Asus has now integrated the OpenVPN server and client support into the official firmware, the Asuswrt-Merlin implementation retains some additional flexibility, such as the ability to configure two separate server or client instances.


A basic Wireless site survey page was added, to help determine the optimal channel you should use for your router.


Traffic monitoring is also enhanced, with the addition of traffic breakdown per device, either historical, or realtime.


DNS-based filtering of specific clients, allowing you to secure your children's devices through services such as OpenDNS or Norton ConnectSafe, while retaining unfiltered name resolution for your other devices.


Enhanced Wireless client list, with automated content refresh. Clients connected to the Guest network will also be identified as such.


Policy-based routing for your clients while using an OpenVPN client tunnel on your router.  This allows you to select specific clients, or destinations, that will use your VPN tunnel, while everything else will keep directly accessing the Internet through your ISP.


Visual display of traffic usage per devices.


Visual display of historical data of your traffic.


QoS classification and throughput information, to better monitor how your traffic is getting classified by the QoS configuration.